Battery-Powered Type

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    • The EHV rechargeable host and the DC-driver-motor-hydraulic pump drive high tonnage output. The output pressure: 700kg/cm² (10000psi) – Has two-stage inlet, high and low pressures.

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  • Easy to operate, lightweight and easy to carry, high mobility. Suitable to use in fast-rescue construction sites.
  • The hydraulic system is designed with an overload protection device, which is much secured, not easy to damage.
  • The multi-functional combination makes investment low pay high.
  • The head is made of high-strength alloy steel, which can be rotated 180 degrees to coordinate with various angles.


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Item Output
(VDC) Weight
REC-5250M 10 14.4 4.3 Accessory Battery x2
Charger x 1


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